Budget Car Rental Normal IL

Budget Car Rental Normal IL

The Alternative to Budget Car Rental Normal IL Drivers Need

It can be natural to gravitate toward the big rental company names you see on TV and in magazines. But all those ads cost money, which you end up absorbing as the consumer. Keep it simple and stick with Oldies But Goodies. When searching for a more affordable alternative to brands like Budget, try our trusted local vehicle rental company. We are proud to operate through Fred Groves Servicenter, providing you with quality trucks, vans and cars. You will appreciate our low prices compared with the national brands. Plus, our auto rentals are dependable and they fit your budget. We offer the alternative to Budget Car Rental Normal IL drivers need.

No matter what reason you have for needing a rental car, here are our auto rental types in Normal:

  • Mid-size cars (4 to 5 passenger capacity)
  • 15-passenger vans, with movable seats
  • Pick-up trucks for local hauling (landscape materials, furniture, etc.)
  • Seven-passenger minivans

We also offer indoor, secure seasonal storage for most vehicles. Just ask us.

Budget Car Rental Normal IL

Getting the Best Deal

Securing the most affordable deal on a rental car starts with asking all the right questions. Before settling on the right car rental service, heed these tips:

  • Get prices in writing and explore all payment options.
  • Check out reviews online and ask around for recommendations.
  • Read all the fine print.
  • Call or go down to the rental shop to view the fleet of vehicles.
  • Ask about driver qualifications. Some companies only let you rent a car if you are over the age of 25.
  • Find out how much experience the company has and how long it has operated in your town.

Contact Oldies But Goodies

If you’re on a budget, you need an affordable alternative to Budget car rental in Normal IL. Contact us at 309-807-3133 or email us at info@grovesservicecenter.com. For your convenience, we are located at 303 South Main Street in Bloomington.