Car Storage Bloomington IL

Car Storage Bloomington IL

Reliable Car Storage Bloomington IL Drivers Need

Car storage is a necessity sometimes, whether you’re here on vacation, looking to relocate or stay for an unspecified amount of time. Oldies But Goodies, operating out of Fred Groves Servicenter in Bloomington, offers vehicle storage services to meet all your needs. That’s because we offer indoor, secure seasonal storage for most vehicles that fit into a traditional parking space. This includes cars, other vehicles, motorcycles, vans, pick-up trucks and boats on trailers. However, we do not offer in-and-out storage. As of 2018, our Seasonal Storage Rate is $65/month. Flexible payment options allow you to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly with no deposit required. Contact us today for space availability. For reliable car storage Bloomington IL drivers need, choose Oldies But Goodies for peace of mind.

What We Do

Here at Oldies But Goodies, we make it more affordable to rent a car so you can spend your money on more important things. In addition, we give you peace of mind with our dependable fleet of cars. Check out our updated fleet of quality vehicles and see how our rates fit your budget. We are headquartered right here in Bloomington so you can easily pick up and drop off your car.

Car Storage Bloomington IL

Offering affordable prices , Oldies But Goodies offers several auto rental types in Bloomington:

  • Mid-size cars (four to five passenger capacity)
  • 15-passenger vans, with movable seats
  • Pick-up trucks for local hauling (landscape materials, furniture, etc.)
  • Seven-passenger minivans

From cars to mini-vans to pickup trucks, we have what you need. And when you need storage, you can bet we have the size options you’re looking for. Let us take care of your vehicle!

Contact Oldies But Goodies

If you need reliable car storage in Bloomington IL, please contact us at 309-807-3133 or email us at We are located right here at 303 South Main Street for your convenience.