Truck Rental Bloomington IL

Truck Rental Bloomington IL

Offering the Truck Rental Bloomington IL Drivers Need

Oldies But Goodies specializes in rentals of pick-up trucks for local hauling. Ideal for hauling landscape materials, furniture and more, our small (half-ton) pick-up trucks are designed for local area use only and do not have trailer hitches. Instead, we recommend using commercial trailer, cargo van, or box truck service for hauling large furniture or for bulky items. If you are a contractor or home owner looking to transport landscape materials, such as mulch, rock or bulky items, these can fit securely in the truck bed. We maintain our trucks regularly and check them for safety through Fred Groves Servicenter. We are happy to offer the truck rental Bloomington IL drivers need.

Our Pick-Up Truck Selection

Truck Rental Bloomington IL






For our pick-ups, renters can purchase a Collision/Damage Waiver through Oldies But Goodies, Inc. If renters do not purchase CDWs through Oldies But Goodies, Inc., they assume complete responsibility for any damage to the vehicle.

Here are our prices for pick-up trucks, local only:

  • $25 for 4 hours, 50 miles included
  • $40/day, with 50 miles included

In addition to rentals, we also offer indoor, secure seasonal storage for most vehicles that fit into a traditional parking space: cars, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, most vans and boats on trailers. We do not offer in-and-out storage.

Individuals only 25 years of age or older who possess a valid driver’s license can rent pick-up trucks and other vehicles from Oldies But Goodies, Inc. You will need to provide proof of a current address, such as utility bill or lease, and proof of income, such as credit card, payroll stub or government document.

Contact Oldies But Goodies for Truck Rentals in Bloomington IL

To book an affordable truck rental in Bloomington IL, contact us at 309-807-3133 or email us at Oldies But Goodies is located at 303 South Main Street right here in Bloomington.