Van Rental Normal IL

Van Rental Normal IL

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Whether you have a big family going on a trip or you are on a business trip and need to rent a vent for your colleagues, choose van rentals from Oldies But Goodies. Here, dependability is just what we do. We have the latest models in stock to assure you of quality. Our attention to detail and reliability is unmatched in the industry. Renting both minivans and vans for our customers, Oldies But Goodies is based in Fred Groves Servicenter. We offer a variety of van rentals for any occasion, such as vacations, weddings and business trips. Choose from seven-passenger minivans and 15-passenger vans with movable seats. We are known for our affordable prices and friendly personnel. Today is the day to book a van rental Normal IL drivers need.

Our Van Selection: What We Offer

Van Rental Normal IL

We have you covered here at Oldies But Goodies: Renters can purchase a Collision/Damage Waiver through us for convenience. Keep in mind that trailer hitches are unavailable on Oldies But Goodies, Inc. rental vehicles. You will have to use a commercial trailer, cargo van or box truck service for hauling large furniture or bulky items.

Give us a call and we can help you choose a minivan or a van.

  • Seven-passenger minivans: Best for out-of-town guests who need transportation locally or who are taking friends and family on nearby excursions.
  • 15-passenger vans: Best for group excursions and events like weddings and concerts, these come with a removable back seat for additional storage and luggage space.

Rest assured, we maintain our minivans and vans, regularly checking them for safety through Fred Groves Servicenter. Many of the models we stock are great for long distance travel, featuring iPass toll transponders.

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In conclusion, if you are prepared to book a van rental in Normal IL and want a company you can rely on, contact us at 309-807-3133 or email us at We are located at 303 South Main Street in Bloomington.